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Income Opportunities

Are you looking for an extra money to augment your current income, or looking for opportunities just for fun?

In my six years in web publishing and internet blogging, I realized that there is no "secret" formula to any income or business opportunity. The only secret if there is such a thing, is to discover for yourself what others have done in implementing the right tools and information that made them very successful.

Here, I will present some programs that I have personally tested myself for years. Resuls of these programs vary depending on how much time you will spend and the resources you will invest in.

"For now, it is more of a hobby than a serious business."

Freelance  Do you edit graphics and images? Do you code using a text editor? Do you write just about anything? Do you have background in Programming? Web Development, Windows Platform, or just about anything on technology? is a global marketplace for online freelancing. Employers hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry and design, sales and marketing, and accounting and legal services. Be a freelancer. Last January, I managed to get a small website contract from a client that wants to promote healthy products. I did it in 2 days for $625.00.

Be a Project Payday trader. If you have ever been to a website that is giving away a free TV or MP3 then you have been to a IFW site. These sites will give you a free product if you sign up for a trial offer for something they list on their site. Let's say you find a site offering you a new Plasma TV if you sign up and get 20 others to sign up as well.

You can go to one of the forums and post a request for 20 others to sign up as your referrals. You get them to sign up by paying each one a set amount of money using paypal. Let's say the TV costs $1000 so you offer 20 people $25 each to sign up. You pay out $500 and get a $1000 TV. If you are interested with this, then give it a try. Its called Project Payday. This is a referral program.

Be a professional Blogger. Read how this guy made $6549.52 in one month from his blog!

There are online Survey Programs that are legitimate ones that I'd been into, which I decided not include in this page. One reason is the fact that you could only get an average of $1.50 per survey which is not productive in the first place.

My average online daily spending is 2 hours which include publishing new articles, designing and updating webpages, uploading files, blogging, etc. I blog for the eMarketing, Inventory, and Information technology niches.

For now, it is more of a hobby than a serious business.
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