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This blog is not for RGIS LLC although you may find some topics that deal about RGIS. Rather, it is my personal insight on inventory, retail business, and relevant issues and technologies that influence them.

I've been in the inventory business for quite sometime now. I do not claim to be an expert or an inventory guru, or any in that category. I do know the bottom line of the business. I work for RGIS LLC, an authority figure in the inventory, supply chain, and retail optimization business. This is my first blog on retail although I blog for other niches as well. It started out as a personal hobby about 3 years ago, but it eventually became an interesting personal adventure.

I am a technology professional particularly in web development, windows application, and niche marketing. I am a member of the then Microsoft Usability Group, now User Research at Redmond, Washington. I also blog for technology and visual merchandising. I find blogging a rewarding activity.


Seattle Mariner
In case you feel the need to contact me for any particular reason, you may send them to: 

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